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Dog sledding tour imageDog sledding tour

Day Schedule


➤3 hours dog sledding tour with picnic lunch im taiga

➤Return to Irkutsk and check-in

➤Afternoon city walk with the guide including tour to the Museum of the Decembrists

The Museum of the Decembrists imageThe Museum of the Decembrists

This morning, get ready for a real Siberian adventure. You will learn to ride a dogs sleigh and travel deep into taiga, where a hot picnic lunch will be served. After thr tour, we return to Irkutsk to visit a very interesting local museum of Decembrist located in one of iconic wooden houses.

The museum focuses on the Volkonsky’s, a socialite family who were exiled to Siberia after the Decembrist revolt. Maria Volkonsky, the youngest daughter of the family, was arguably one of Siberia’s most influential people. She was featured in poems by Pushkin and actually Eugene Onegin was dedicated to her!

One of the interesting things about the Decembrists museum is the emphasis put on the wives of the Decembrists, who are represented in great detail throughout the museum. Their stories are inspiring to read.

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