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Day Schedule

➤ Arrive Vladivostok

➤ Meet and greet at the airport

➤ Transfer to the hotel and check-in

➤ Group tours: Welcome dinner

Vladivostok imageVladivostok


Welcome to the capital of Primorye! Vladivostok is one of the most picturesque and interesting cities in the Russian Far East. During the Soviet time, the city was the home base of the Pacific Russian military fleet and thus entrance for international travelers was not allowed. Free access was allowed to international tourists in 1992. after the fall of USSR. Group tours will enjoy welcome dinner.

The city was founded by the Russian military, the first merchants here were the Chinese, and chic department stores were built by the Germans. You will learn how the first civilian resident of Vladivostok became an oligarch and what unites the Tokarevsky lighthouse and the cruiser "Aurora", the Revolution Firestarter in St Petersburg. Which station in Moscow is considered a twin of the Vladivostok railway station, why the local China Town was called "Millionka" and how many legends fell into its entertaining history. We will also tell how the crew of the submarine could S-56 last at a depth of 6 hours without ventilation and why Tsarevich Nikolai could not get ashore on the day of arrival..

Vladivostok imageVladivostok

The original Trans-Siberian route spanning two continents and nine time zones, commences in Vladivostok, Far East and finishes in Moscow. With our carefully selected stopovers, rich entertainment program varying from top national reserves and world-famous museums to hidden gems, and professional guides in all the cities you will travel smoothly and enjoy the very best of Russia. This is hop on/hop off train tour. Welcome aboard the greatest train journey in the world!

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