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Snowmobiles are just a means of transport here imageSnowmobiles are just a means of transport here

Tour Schedule, Day 3

➤ Breakfast

➤ Snowmobile riding

➤ Ice fishing

Ice fishing imageIce fishing

Today is a fun day filled with various winter activities. We will drive snowmobiles to the lake - a great chance to admire the unique northern landscapes!

Northern Lights imageNorthern Lights

Fans of fishing get the opportunity to join ice fishing, a popular northern type of entertainment. We will use fresh fish to prepare a tasty picnic. It won't be cold - tasting real Russian vodka will help not to freeze.

Skiing in winter forest as a kind of meditation imageSkiing in winter forest as a kind of meditation

Don't miss the chance to ski. Walking, mountaineering and water tours (seasonal) at the same time, as well as great fishing (ice fishing in winter)... In this weather-dependent region your plans may always be changed due to sudden snowstorm or rain, and here, at the border of forest and tundra, near lakes, rivers and beautiful forest trails where is always a place for an activity. The mountain range slightly resembles the letter "C," where in the center is a large lake - Seydozero. The lake is about 8 kilometers long. Not the navigable Motka River flows from it. In summer, countless streams, streams and rivers flow from all the surrounding slopes into the lake. The name Lovozersky "tundra" here fits more than "mountains since a significant part of the valleys and gorges is covered with forest.

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