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Aurora Borealis imageAurora Borealis

Tour Schedule, Day 2

➤ Breakfast

➤ Transfer to Lovozero village, check-in at Lovozero island eco-lodge

➤ Optional Russian Banya

➤ Dinner

➤ Hunt Northern by snowmobiles tonight

Winter fun imageWinter fun

Transfer to Lovozero village (270 km, 4-5 hours drive). In winter, we might need to cross the lake by snowmobiles to reach the lodge. In other seasons, we might need a boat. Russian Banya in the evening will be a relaxing and enjoyable experience in the middle of nowhere.

Lovozero is the top destination of Kola Peninsula for Aurora Borealis viewing, there are very high chances to observe it directly at the eco-lodges. In the evening hunt the Northern Lights in the tundra and enjoy your first night under Aurora Borealis.

Aurora Borealis imageAurora Borealis

It is also called the Lovozersky Mountains and, sometimes, mistakenly, the Eastern Khibiny, which are actually located kilometers twenty west of the Lovozersky Mountains. For the northwestern region, the Lovozersky tundra can be considered high - the peak of Angvundaschorr is 1120 m, which is only 80 meters below the peak of Lyavochorr (1188.6 m) in Khibins.

This is a wild and, at times, harsh place, with a very unusual and beautiful nature, a large number of various bizarre rocks, mountains, valleys and forests. A mixture of incomprehensible historical artifacts in the form of stones of the right shape, images and faces on the rocks, together with the relative inaccessibility of the place and the absence of any permanent residents, except for the huntsman, led to the appearance of a halo of mystery and gave rise to many rumors and legends.

Winter Arctic extremes imageWinter Arctic extremes

Legends of any place are integral to the indigenous people. For the Lovozersky tundras, as for a significant part of the Kola Peninsula, the Sami are the indigenous inhabitants (the Russians called them lopari: "residents of the outskirts" from Finnish). At the moment, they are an ethnic minority, but in the 15-16 centuries they were the main population of these places. The village of Lovozero, located northeast of the mountains, was founded in 1574 on the site of another settlement. A few centuries ago, the Lovozersky tundra was inhabited much more densely than now.

NOTE: clear skies and solar activity are the critical conditions to watch Aurora Borealis, best timing is from 8:00 pm till 2:00 am.


Lovozero eco-lodge imageLovozero eco-lodge

In the evening in winter it can be really cold. Some of our lodges provide a full set of Saami clothes and snowmobiling equipment so you don't need to worry about getting frozen! Dress up before going out for your Northern Lights Hunt.

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