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Horse Farm imageHorse Farm

Day Schedule: Trip to Verkhoyansk and visit to the horse farm


➤09:00 – 11:00 – Road trip by a Russian UAZ van to Verkhoyansk, 71 km, with stops for photo sessions

➤11:00 – 15:00 –Touring Verkhoyansk. Photo session at remarkable places, including the “Verkhoyansk” sign and the bank of the Yana River

➤Visit to a local museum

➤Lunch with a local family

➤15:00 – 18:00 – Driving back to Batagay with stop by at a horse farm


➤Free time

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Verkhoyansk Tour

Cossacks founded an ostrog in 1638, 90 kilometres (56 mi) southwest of the modern town. The ostrog's name "Verkhoyansky", roughly translating from Russian as the town on the Upper Yana, derived from its geographical location on the upper reaches of the Yana River. In 1775, it was moved to the left bank of the Yana River to facilitate tax collection. It was granted town status in 1817. Between the 1860s and 1917, the town was a place of political exile.

Verkhoyansk holds the Guinness world record for the greatest temperature range on Earth: 105 °C (189 °F).

Avtozimnik imageAvtozimnik


It is a specially prepared winter road with a carriageway built from ice, frozen in layers, or from compacted snow and ice, as well as rivers and lakes laid on frozen ice. So, for many residents of remote and inaccessible settlements of Yakutia, winter roads, the length of which is more than 16 thousand km, is a real road of life, which operates for almost six months. During the period of closure of navigation, food, fuel, construction materials and other life-supporting cargoes are delivered along winter roads.

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