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Tolbachik volcano trek, day 6-9

Day 6.  To Tolbachik pass imageDay 6. To Tolbachik pass

After an easy pass Tolud there will be more challenging Tolbachik pass on our way today. Scenery is mainly mountainous, we keep seeing volcanoes Sharp (Ostry) Tobalchik and Flat (Plosky) Tobalchik and some others.

Day 7.  Mars and Jupiter cones imageDay 7. Mars and Jupiter cones

Day 7. Another easy pass and we are rewarded with magnificent views of another set of volcanoes and mountains. Trekking to Mars and Jupiter cones of 1945 year. Rest and optional volcano ascend Polennitsa mountain or other as per group’s decision on day 9.

Day 8.  Ascending Bezimyanni volcano imageDay 8. Ascending Bezimyanni volcano

Day 8. Bezmnymnianny volcano ascend. Bezymianny is located on the southeast slope of the extinct volcano Kamen. These two volcanoes are separated by a high, narrow saddle. The east and west slopes of Bezymianny are cut by two wide and sloping valleys. Several lava flows can be found on the upper portions of its slopes. Lower in elevation, a row of domes exist along the southern and western sides of the volcano. Bezymianny is located on a fault which runs in a northeast to southwest direction. A large portion of the volcano is made of a thick mass of light gray hornblende and andesites. Most of these lavas on the lower slopes of Bezymianny are covered by loose pyroclastic deposits. Bezymianny ("unnamed") was considered extinct until it erupted violently in 1955-56, after a slumber of probably 1000 years. It is one of the most active volcanoes in Kamchatka. The eruption followed a massive flank failure (similar to Mt. St. Helens eruption in 1980) which removed a 0.5 sq km sector of the volcano.

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