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Day 1. Welcome to Ekaterinburg

Meet and Greet in Ekaterinburg imageMeet and Greet in Ekaterinburg

Welcome to Ekaterinburg, the city between Europe and Asia! During a city tour you will visit the central squares of the city, pedestrian Vainera street, city hall and the governor’s residence, monuments to political leaders and a memorial to the fallen soldiers, architecture of the Constructivism style and brand new skyscrapers. You’ll find yourself in the historical centre of the city, by the Dam across Iset river, see the Labor square and Saint Ekaterina Cathedral. You’ll have a look at the Cathedral on the Blood and the Ascension Hill with all its churches and architectural monuments and Kharitonov Manor House. After it you will travel to the border between Europe and Asia (17 kilometers far from the city) and go through Novoalekseevka village along Transsiberian way and see old Europe and Asia monument (40 kilometers from the city). Other interesting options of the day may include a visit to the Ural Museum of Minerals which holds one of the best private collections of gems in the world and contains a wonderful collection of stone mosaics and carvings.

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