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The Museum of Arctic & Antarctic, Saint-Petersburg imageThe Museum of Arctic & Antarctic, Saint-Petersburg

Morning: Arctic and Antarctic Museum. Where is the best place in the world to learn about the Arctic? You’ve got this covered. The museum is the biggest in Russia and unveils the story of the human discovery of the Arctic and Antarctica, of expeditions and the first polar researchers. See the maps, the amazing travel modes of the polar stations, photos and other unique objects—the story of unparalleled achievements is right there in front of you. Inspire your kids to discover the world!

National Show-Museum “Grand Maket Russia”, Saint-Petersburg imageNational Show-Museum “Grand Maket Russia”, Saint-Petersburg

Afternoon: national show-museum ‘Grand Maket Russia’, the largest model – on 800 square meters – representing all of Russia’s regions. You will see cities and villages, forests and rivers, people and wildlife – all that we have here on the one-ninth of the planet that Russia occupies, we’ll gladly share with our guests. You will see Russia living and breathing. The interactive model shows the entire country moving. Let your kids explore all the buttons. It’s fun!


“I can't believe we're already at the end of our wonderful week in Saint Petersburg. Travelling to Russia with our 12-year old son was obviously off the beaten track decision and I can say we got more than we could have expected. Russia is amazing!”


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