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Ulagan Pass imageUlagan Pass

Altai mountains – Chulyshman creek (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Today we go through the Ulagan area. We visit the two lakes: Chuybekkol (Dead) and Uzunkol (Live). After crossing the Ulagan Pass, we visit the Pazyryk valley with important Pazyryk kurgans - the burial mounds sites of Scythian aristocracy that brought to the world the sensational Altai Princess Mummy. (5. to 3. century BC).

Katy-Yaryk Pass imageKaty-Yaryk Pass

By zigzag of Katu-Yaryk pass we will arrive to the valley of the Chulyshman river. You’ll enjoy a panoramic vew over the Chulyshman Valley, the UNESCO Heritage Site. Picnic lunch.

Nomad eco -camp imageNomad eco -camp

In the evening we arrive at Chibit settlement and check-in to NOMAD eco-camping, the last “civilization” point on Russian territory for those who travel to Mongolia by Chuysky Highway.

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