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Chuysky Tract imageChuysky Tract

We head to Karakol Valley by famous Chuysky Tract highway, ancient road connecting Russian to Mongolia. This is the most scenic road in Russia, and National Geographic granted it the 5th place in the list of "most scenic roads of the planet". Cities and villages, birchwoods and taigas, rapid rivers and rivers’ junctions, mountains and steppes – you will have it all along this way. The breathtaking landscapes changes with each road turn.

Karakol valley imageKarakol valley

Arrive in the afternon at the Karakol valley.

Local yurts imageLocal yurts

Accommodation at the ethnographic complex Karakol in a mongolian 4-bed yurt. Discover the Ethnographical park of the local tribes and enjoy a throat singing. Optional "banya".

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