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The Circum-Baikal Railroad imageThe Circum-Baikal Railroad

We drive from taiga to board the train of the Old Circum-Baikal Railroad. The Circum-Baikal Railroad, “a golden buckle on the silver belt of Russia” as it is often called, is an outstanding landmark to the arts of engineering and construction.

Lake Baikal imageLake Baikal

The Railroad was built around the south of Lake Baikal more than a hundred years ago, to connect the two ends of the Trans-Siberian Railroad. It contains forty tunnels and sixteen separate galleries, and four hundred and seventy viaducts, bridges and pipes.

Lake Baikal imageLake Baikal

And here is more, breathtaking huge capes and cliffs, picturesque valleys and amazing Lake Baikal views are always here! Arrival at Irkutsk in the evening, 8:15 pm.

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