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Winter activities imageWinter activities

Snowmobile is the transport created for the Siberian winter. It dissects snowfields the way fast boat dissects Teletsky's waves in the summer. Snowmobile is speed, power, adrenaline. To feel what it is like to drive such wayward transport you may opt for easy routes in the vicinity of the villages of Artybash and Johach. Or opt for a more challenging routes taking you to Pritelets Taiga through the mountain pass, from where stunning and breathtaking panoramas open to the Abakansky and Sumultinsky mountain range (half & full day tours area available)

Snowmobiling imageSnowmobiling

What else to do at Teletskoe in winter? .

Winter fishing. About one and a half dozen species of fish inhabit Lake Teletskoe, two of which - the sig Teletsky and sig Pravdin - are endemic. The northern part of the lake, just near the villages of Artybash and Johach, is covered in winter with strong ice, the thickness of which can reach 65 cm. Therefore, ice fishing is possible here, as well as fishing in open water at the source of the Biya River. In winter, Teletskoe is good fishing for burbot and pike. On snowmobiles you will go along the snowy taiga away from rural settlements. Experienced instructors will bring you to proven cool places, give out appropriate gear, navigate your through details of the process and explain features of local fishing (half/full day tour)

River. There are many rivers which flow into Lake Teletskoye, but only one river flows out - Biya. Its length is more than 300 km. Merging with Katun, it forms the Ob River, which carries the waters of Teletsky further to the Arctic Ocean itself. An amazing place of strength where the lake is gaining current strength and turns into a river. Guests of Teletsky can see with their own eyes the birth of this great Siberian river. Good news for fishing enthusiasts - it is at the source of Biya that the harius is perfectly caught.

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