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Circum-Baikal Railway imageCircum-Baikal Railway

Day Schedule

Ferry from Listvyanka to Port Baikal imageFerry from Listvyanka to Port Baikal

Today you will have an amazing train journey, travelling from Port Baikal via Circum-Baikal Railway to Tankhoi Village In the morning, take a short ferry ride (15 min) from Listvynka Village to Port Baikal, where the train will be waiting for you.

Tunnels of Circum-Baikal Railway imageTunnels of Circum-Baikal Railway

The total length of the Circum-Baikal Railway, from the settlement at Slyudyanka to Port Baikal is 89 km. The line includes 38 tunnels, 18 galleries, 248 bridges and numerous viaducts.

Russian, Italian, Lithuanian, Polish, and Albanian engineers had been constructing the longest and the most eye-filling Russian railroad from 1896 till 1900. The majority of the construction was carried out by hand and in severe weather conditions, both hot summers and extremely cold winters. The rocks and mountains made the engineers lay the greater part of the railway on artificial structures in tunnels, strengthening the sides of the lake shore, and directing the small rivers that flow into the lake through special stone viaducts.

Stone Bridge at Temnaya pad' settlement imageStone Bridge at Temnaya pad' settlement

The train travels at a leisurely pace right along the shore of the lake, stopping at the most significant architectural sites and at popular viewpoints, where you can take some great photos. You’re bound to be impressed by the stunning views of Lake Baikal, its magnificent beauty and the surrounding hills. Numerous tunnels, stone galleries, bridges and viaducts will strike your imagination.

Slyudyanka railway station imageSlyudyanka railway station

Upon arrival at Sludyanka settlement you will see one of the most unique train stations in Siberia, made out of white marble. You will continue your journey by car to Tankhoi village - center of Baikal Biosphere Reserve. Here you will stay overnight.

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