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Sandy beaches of Olkhon island imageSandy beaches of Olkhon island

Today, we’ll explore the sights of Olkhon Island taking ride in UAZ van. With numerous panoramic photo stops, you will get a chance to explore Olkhon as a place of power in Buryats beliefs, and the Island is literally overflowing with objects of shamanism, like sacred pillars with tied ribbons. May is amazing here with steppe landscapes and coniferous forest, then sand velvets, then thickets of a flowering trunk, then fields with yellow and purple snowdrops... On the tops of the Baikal ridge, snow has not yet melted, but at its foot nature is already awakening.

Spring blossom imageSpring blossom

On the way, we’ll also make stops at such expressive landscapes like the double rock of Love, the white-rock Сape Sagan-Khushun on the North of the island and Cape Mare’s Head on the South of Olkhon, plus we’ll go down to several sandy beaches. Picnic in nature with a view of Lake Baikal is also a must!

The landscape of the island will not stop surprising you! The small sea is still covered with a thin crust of ice, open water is already standing near the deep places near the steep rocks and shines with bottomless blue spots... In a day you will be able to see the whole island in its complete greatness and beauty. In the area of Uzur we will see a full scale panorama of Big Lake Baikal. Maybe it will be dragged by ice, maybe huge ice floats will float on the water smooth, and perhaps that Lake Baikal will already fully open and will be deep blue...we never know for sure, how Baikal will treat us, but it will for sure amazes.

Spring colors of Baikal imageSpring colors of Baikal

We’ll meet sunset at Shamanka Rock, Cape Burkhan, where the Baikal ruler lives according to local beliefs.

May is a yime of rookery at the lake. Every bird is here: mallards, pegans, ogari, cookies, cormorants, etc. Waterfowl return at this time from warm countries, someone flies in transit and stops on the lake to relax.

Optional Banya in the evening.

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