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Sevastopol & Balaklava

Sevastopol, a hero city imageSevastopol, a hero city

Day Schedule:


➤Transfer to Sevastopol

➤Tour in Sevastopol

➤Boat tour

➤Transfer to Balaklava

➤Winery & degustation: 6 wines

Sevastopol, Russian Black Sea Naval Base imageSevastopol, Russian Black Sea Naval Base

After breakfast, you move for a morning photo shoot of the peach orchards, after which you head to Sevastopol, the city of the Russian naval glory, rebuilt from ruins in a pompous style after the end of World War II. Sevastopol it the home of the Russian Navy Fleet and WWII Hero City. Take a tour in Sevastopol which will take you to the 50ies of the 20th century. You will find yourself in a Soviet city where times stands still. Your guide will show you the highlights and the hidden gems only locals know about.

You also have a boat trip along the central bays of the city, during which you sail close to submarines, warships, as well as the famous “monument to the Sunken Ships”. Don't miss the opportunity to dine on the Sevastopol waterfront overlooking the Russian Navy.

Romantic Balaklava imageRomantic Balaklava

Transfer to Balaklava, whose colorful boats and fishing piers inspired many famous artists. This town is probably mentioned in Homer's Odyssey as Lamos with Leictrigons, giant cannibals who destroyed and captured Odysseus's fleet. There is a more realistic story of e beginning of our era, when the Romans settled on its territory: archaeological artifacts speak of this. We still can see traces of the Genoese, marked on the banks of a bay closed from the winds, and the remains of the Chembalo fortress. From the era of the Ottoman Empire to the present day, the modified Turkish name of the city has survived, derived from a variety of epithets on the fish theme.

Wine degustation in Balaklava imageWine degustation in Balaklava

In the late afternoon, you have a degustation of still wines at one of the best champagne wineries in Crimea - "Zolotaya Bukhta'', where you have the opportunity to taste 6 types of local wines. Then you head to Balaklava Bay to watch the sunset overlooking the fishing pier on the rocky coast. You spend the night at the hotel with a picturesque views of the bay.

Hotel & Yacht Club imageHotel & Yacht Club

Overnight at the Rota-Shale Marina hotel with a view in Balaklava bay. Optional trip: Fiolent Cape.

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