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Chuysky Trakt & Altai Mars

Altai Mars imageAltai Mars

Day Schedule


➤Chuysky Trakt

➤Chike-Taman mountain pass

➤Ininsky (Tsaplinsky) bridge

➤The confluence of the Chuya and Katyn rivers - Chui-Oozy

➤Petroglyph tracts of Kalbak-Tash complex

➤Adyr-Kan complex

➤Geyser Lake

➤Altai Mars in Kyzyl-Chin valley

➤Ovenigh in Aktash village

And Moon imageAnd Moon

Today you explore one of the most beautiful part of Chuysky Trakt. We cross mighty mountain passes and see rapid mountain rivers, ancient petroglyphs and sanctuaries, picturesque steppes and even real Martian views.

Chike-Taman pass imageChike-Taman pass

Travelling in May, you will also see an extraordinary Siberian Sakura blooming, mountains covered by pink and violet flowers. Make stops to enjoy the rhododendron bloom, which paints the slopes of the Altai mountains in bright pink colors, like sakura. Breathtaking views of the mountain valleys await you at the Chike-Taman Pass, famous for its steep slopes.

Chuy-Ooza imageChuy-Ooza

After visiting the Ininsky (Tsaplinsky) bridge over the Katun river, known as the world's first double-cable suspension bridge, you see one of the most mesmerizing landscapes of Altai - Chuy-Ooza, the confluence of two mighty mountain rivers Chuya and Katyn.

Kalbak-Tash imageKalbak-Tash

Get acquainted with the cultural heritage of the indigenous inhabitants of Altai - the outlandish petroglyphs of the Kalbak-Tash complex, as well as the mystical complex of Adyr-Kan, famous for the Chuya deer stone depicting the face of a warrior.

Geyser Lake imageGeyser Lake

Near the village of Aktash, we will visit the unique Geyser Lake, which has a bizarre azure pattern at its bottom.

Altai Mars imageAltai Mars

At sunset, you see the multi-colored Kyzyl-Chin valley, known as Altai Mars. The name Kyzyl-Chin comes from Turkic and means "a red gorge", Indeed, red prevails in this area. It was more than 300 million years ago when red-brown layers formed here. Green colors also belong to this period. These are ancient clays with an admixture of sandstone and limestone. The colored strips are arranged in almost horizontal layers. Overnight in a guesthouse in Artash, near the Ulagansky Trakt road leading to the Chulyshman river.

Comfy guest house imageComfy guest house

Arrive to Aktash village in late evening. There is SPA with Russian banya and pool to relax after tough day.

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