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Khan's Palace imageKhan's Palace

Day Schedule


➤Transfer to Bakhchysarai

➤Visit Bakhchysarai Palace

➤Crimean Tatar cuisine master-class & lunch

➤Return to Balaklava

➤Evening at leisure

Bakhchysarai imageBakhchysarai

Bakhchysarai, capital of Crimean Tatar kingdom (35 km). Travel to medieval Bakhchysarai, the historical capital of Crimean Tatars and the Crimean Khanate. Today you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Crimean Tatar history, unique culture and national cuisine. At some moments it seems that you are somewhere in Turkey! Visiting the Khan's Palace which is the only example of the Crimean Tatar palace architecture in the world.

Before visiting the Khan's palace it is better to bypass it around and to make general idea about as far as it is big and various. The construction of the Khan's Palace began in 1503 under Mengli Giray, although most of the buildings were built from 1532 to 1551 - under Sahib Giray the First. Subsequently, each of the khans added something of his own, the palace was completed and improved. During the Russo-Turkish war, Russian troops took Bakhchysarai. Field Marshal Minich ordered the burning of the great khan's residence. It was later restored.

Crimean Tatar cuisine imageCrimean Tatar cuisine

Then, take a part in a Crimean Tatar cuisine master class during which you will know how to cook famous “chebureki and taste delicious local specialties for lunch followed by traditional tea of mountain herbs.Crimean Tatar cuisine combines the features of the culinary heritage of different nations and is exciting to explore. Return to your hotel and spend evening at leisure.

Balaklava beaches imageBalaklava beaches

Go to beach and enjoy the Black Sea, its warm clear waters and secluded beaches.

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