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Day 4, Bays and Glaciers

Landscape imageLandscape

Today we head out for an exciting safari to the west side of the fjord. The route will go first to Ymerbukta with a fantastic Esmark Glacier with a front 15 km long.

King of the Arctic imageKing of the Arctic

We continue to Trygghamna where we go ashore and make a short research of remains of Pomor hunters’ settlements dated to 18th century. Then we go straight to the mighty bird cliffs of Alkehornet with thousands of nesting birds. If we are lucky, we might watch whales, seals or even get a glimpse of “king of the Arctic”, the polar bear.

Landscape imageLandscape

Lunch is served at the cozy restaurant at the Isfjord Radio. On the route back we pass Cape Festningen and a tiny island with a lighthouse showing the entrance to Grønfjord.

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