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Husky, Saami, & showmobiling

Snowmobile safari imageSnowmobile safari

Day Schedule

➤ Transfer to Talvi Ukko park

➤ Husky tour, training and sleigh ride 10 km

➤ Hot tea with home made Karelian pies

➤ Visit Saami village & have lunch in a chum

➤ Feed deers

➤ Transfer to lodge/hotel and dinner

Husky park and sledging imageHusky park and sledging

Siberian husky, Samoyed like and Alaskan malamut belong to ancient rocks, which were formed among the very first and since then have changed very little. The genotype of these breeds is closest to the genotype of a wild wolf.

Alaska Husky is not quite a breed, it is a mestizo group bred for professional sports, where only working qualities are taken into account. Please mind we will ride 0,5 km as we have a long snowmobile trip ahead today.

Kalitki - Karelian pies imageKalitki - Karelian pies

Here you will taste hearty Karelian pies and drink aromatic herbal tea, which will give you warmth, cheer and a wonderful mood.

Saami people imageSaami people

Behind the large Saami yaranga in the vicinity of the pet farmstead is the Saami village - an example of the national traditions of the Far North, allowing us to recall how our ancestors lived: the Sami who first came to this land.

In a small nomadic village, you will see exact copies of the plague that the northern peoples still have put with nomadic deer herds, touch their lifestyle and culture, visit a real Sami family and warm up at their home.

And here you can try on the traditional costumes of the northern peoples and send friends photos, made in the Arctic. Reindeer is the most beloved and universal animal for most northern peoples. In the very distant past, he gave man the opportunity to develop the North and until now he is considered good a symbol of life and well-being. Primitive drawings of deer are found in Karelia among rock images taken in the 4th millennium BC, in particular on the White Sea petroglyphs. "Lambushka" or" lamba" is a small forest lake, usually without origins. There are a huge number of them in Karelia,

As in the lakes of Karelia, the water in the lambushki differs in color: from crystal blue to almost black peat. In the latter on the shores, the soil "walks" underfoot, there is nothing to do there without rubber boots - get wet. Locals say, it was a very windy year once and due to large waves on the lake fishing become impossible, it was difficult to sail for weeks. And lambushes were just fine for fishing. So basically, it is a very important part of local cultural landscape as many people still rely a lot on traditional way of life.

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