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Dostoevsky Day in Old Russa

Dostoevsky museum imageDostoevsky museum

Take a winter drive out of the city, towards Staraya Russa (Old Russa) town to enjoy the real white Russian winter in the rural areas and visit the memorial house of Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Here, is this peaceful countryside, he wrote much of his masterpiece “The Brothers Karamazov”. Modest green and white wooden building stands on the riverbank and was the first house Dostoevsky himself ever bought. The museum has restored and preserved the Dostoevskys' "dacha": - summer countryhouse - as it once was, with the 'old fashioned, heavy red wood furniture and the surroundings'.

Winter days imageWinter days

It is that easy to comprehend the Dostoevsky when you see the dramatic winter Russian landscapes nearly the same way he saw it 150 years ago! Then, we visit the museum of Medieval Russian Village, perfectly restoring the daily routine and atmosphere of old Russian settlements and drive back to St. Petersburg for overnight.

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