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Pashkov House imagePashkov House

Do you know how many secrets this city holds? How many interesting facts are hidden from the eyes of tourists coming here for 2-3 days? Staying in Russia, you have a privilege to explore. Let's start right in front of the Kremlin... The history of Pashkov's house is shrouded in secrets and legends, the first of which was born during construction. On Mokhovaya Street in Moscow, all houses face the Kremlin, and only Pashkov's house is "back" to the Borovitskaya Tower. As usual in Russia, it's more than just a house and more than just a palace.

Pashkov House imagePashkov House

The architect Vasily Bazhenov, creator of Tsarytsyno, avenged Catherine the Great for all the resentments inflicted on him. The master made the central entrance with a magnificent courtyard and facade on the opposite side, investing in it a soul, architectural fiction and considerable means of the customer. A beautiful legend hast it that after the failure with Tsaritsyno, the empress accused the architect of lack of taste and forbade him to build anything in Moscow. He obeyed. Secretly, under fear of death, he made an agreement with the former military, P. E. Pashkov, and erected an amazing palace right in front of the Kremlin, the empress, and faced it away from the Royal chambers!

Pashkov House imagePashkov House

Ancient Moscow legend says that spirits loved the house, and every Friday, the 13th, and on Valpurgiev's night on Pashkov's belvedere, all of them gathered at the house. Is it not because the great mystifier M. A. Bulgakov brings here Messir Voland to say goodbye to the great city in his masterpiece "The Master and Margarita"?

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