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Rural Karelia imageRural Karelia

Take off to Kinerma village. Stop for a hot lunch on the way. Accommodation in the Karelian house (groups up to 3-4 people). Russian Banya. VIllage tour. Local cuisine master-class and degustation dinner with local specialties. Please note we stay in a peasant's house today. It is as simple as it used to be ages ago. Facilities inside, but primitive.

Kinerma imageKinerma

Literally, Kinerma means "precious land." The village was founded 400 years ago. The peculiarity of Kinerma is that of the 17 houses standing there, 10 are considered architectural monuments. Therefore, Kinerma is not a simple abandoned village, but a real unique complex monument of folk wooden architecture of the Karelians - Livviks. Legend has it, when the chapel was built, 13 spruce trees were planted around it according to the number of apostles. Old-timers claim that if spruce falls, something bad will happen. This was the case when the accident occurred at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Now there are 10 trees left in the spruce.

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