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The Plateau Ukok

Chuysky Tract imageChuysky Tract

Driving towards the Mongolian border along Chuysky Tract. In the village Aktash stop for clearance of border formalities. Moving up to Kosh-Agach village, clearance of environmental formalities. Lunch in a cafe. The end point of our bus journey is the most remote village of Altai - Dzhazator. Landmarks of the village are very picturesque. One side of the village is framed by the spurs of the South-Chuysky ridge. In good weather you can see here gleaming sharp black-and-white triangular peak Iiktu - the main summit of the South-Chuysky ridge (3936 m). Please note Ukok is crossroads of Russian border with Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan, visiting this area requires FSB clearance, it takes 60 days to obtain the permits.

The Plateau Ukok imageThe Plateau Ukok

On the opposite side, the mysterious and amazing plateau Ukok hides among mountain ridges. there is a small and beautiful steppe Samaha to the west of the village , and then the Katunsky mountain ridge and the crowning pinnacle Belukha (4506 m). At night we experience Russian banya.

The Plateau Ukok imageThe Plateau Ukok

Hundreds of archaeological sites were discovered on the Plateau, including burial, religious and residentia, settlements, petroglyphs, stone geometric constructions, Old Turkic steles and statues. The most interesting site, discovered and studied at the Ukok, is, ,, the mounds of Pazyryk culture, as unique samples of ancient arts made of wood, felt, textile and leather.

The Plateau Ukok imageThe Plateau Ukok

Some objects are over 2.5 thousand year old! The finds were exhibited in the world's top museums.

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