Northern Urals Heli Fishing and Rafting Tour

From: Moscow/St. PetersburgTo: NyaganTheme: SportsPrivate tour: 16 Nov 2018 - 31 Oct 2019Season: July - SeptemberGrade: Comfortable extremeDestination: UralDuration: 11 daysRate from 0 USD per person *

This is not a fishing only. This is a Russian Trophy Fishing Expedition! Catamaran rafting, fishing and active travel across the Northern Urals, mountains which sepater Europe from Aisa.

  • Return helicopter transfer to the fishing grounds

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TIMING. Helicopter will deliver you in 1 h 40 minutes to the places which would otherwise require 3-4 days of kayaking/rafting to get to. Six full days of fishing! SAFETY. Our team, equipment and itinerary we will be checked-in with the Ministry of Emergencies to guarantee our safety, and we have satellite phones connection. PRIVILEGE OF PRIVACY: we choose the starting point based on season, current weather and the expert knowledge of our certified guides. Your travel is up-to-date and there will be not “previous group” which has fished here right before you.

Dates & rates

Dates & rates

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Explore Urals behind Ekaterinburg image

Explore Urals behind Ekaterinburg

Day tour to Nevyansk, the first town-plant on the Ural, full of mysteries and legends. Continue to Byngi, an old Old Believer settlement keeps the ancient traditions. Finally, Nizhnye Tavolgi is famous for its folk craft and art of the manufacture of ceramic murals. You can make your own Russian potter here!

Extra cost, pp: 322 USD



  • All the camping equipment: satellites, ratio, GPS etc.

  • Russian banya

  • Professional survival guide and brand chef

  • All meals

  • Helicopter ride from/to Nyagan

  • We do not wait for fish to come, we chase it!

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