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Hermitage/Winter Palace imageHermitage/Winter Palace

Day Schedule

➤ Arrive St Petersburg in the morning

➤ Luggage drop off

➤ Hermitage tour

➤Afternoon at leisure/optional tours

Feel yourself Russian imageFeel yourself Russian

We arrive at 09:00 AM. Drop off your bags at the hotel and take off for a guided Hermitage tour. The State Hermitage Museum is often called St. Petersburg’s most important site - a title we think is well deserved. The Winter Palace, the main building of the Hermitage, was home to the Russian Tsars and royal family. There is no better way to understand the heart and soul of St. Petersburg than by roaming the grounds of the Hermitage. Come face to face with history, and the majestic splendor of this unapologetically baroque Palace.

For optional ballet or folk show in the evening, please inquire. We also offer "Soviet kommunalka" tour. Kommunalka is an apartment shared by a few families/people who are not relatives or friends. It was one of the most popular ways to provide all Soviet people with a place to leave after the World War II and still exist.

Pancake with caviar imagePancake with caviar

Surprisingly, St Petersburg is one of the leading gastronomic destinations in Europe. Original and varied, Russian cuisine is famous for exotic soups, which are eaten for lunch. Amongst soups, we should first of all mention "schi" made of sourcrout and "solyanka", made of assorted meats. Russians are great lovers of pelmeni, small Siberian meat pies boiled in broth. Those are very similar to Italian ravioli but larger in size, more like Chinese dumplings. Mushrooms are one of the most abundant gifts of Russian woods. Those are eaten fried, pickled, salted or boiled. We should also mention "pirozhki" and "bliny" - pancakes, the later became a symbolic Russian food every serious traveler has to try with the caviar.

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