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Kazan city imageKazan city

Over a hundred years older than Moscow, a genuine stew of both Tatar and Slavic cultures makes the capital of the Tatarstan Republic a treasure to explore.

With its hot summers, Muslim minarets and Orthodox monasteries, ancient archaeological sites and the science city of Innopolis, there’s something for everyone in this amazing place. Situated among forest steppes and vast expanses of taiga, and with the Great Silk Road running through it, the Tatar capital really is a fascinating mix of the familiar and the exotic.

Kazan city imageKazan city

Get a culture hit at the Hermitage-Kazan Center or soak up the local atmosphere at the Central Market. And of course, don’t forget Tatar food - echpochmak, smetannik, peremyach, bokkan, and baursak - you must try these!

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