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The museum of Dionysius’s frescos is placed in an architectural ensemble of the monuments in the Ferapontov monastery of the XV-XIX centuries in the village of Ferapontovo. The Ferapontov monastery was founded in 1398 by Saint Ferapont. For about 400 years it was one of the most outstanding cultural, religious and educational centers in the Belozersk region.

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Alongside with the Kirillo-Belozersky monastery Ferapontovo becomes a traditional place of worship and contributions for many Russian feudal lords. On the edge of the XV-XVI centuries some outstanding personalities of the Russian church left its walls. The formation of the stone ensemble of the Ferapontov monastery of the XV-XVH centuries began in 1490 with the construction of first stone temple in the White Lake region – the cathedral of the Nativity of the Holy Virgin by the Rostov masters. Among the six stone constructions of the monastery which have come down to us the cathedral is of greatest importance. According to the text of the chronicle around the northern door of the church, it was being painted by Dionysius and his sons from August, 6 till September, 8, 1502. These are the only survived painting by Dionysius, who was Andrey Rublyov’s legitimate heir and the last representative of the Russian national art during the period of its flourishing and

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