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➤Odessa panoramic city tour

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Odessa imageOdessa

Odessa panoramic city tour

Odessa is the city, at the crossroads of the epochs with romantic streets with the aromas of the delicious smell of European cuisine. The city lawfully called the pearl of the sea. You will explore luxurious European hotel service, the hospitality of local residents and the atmosphere of the city on the sea. During your visit, you get to know Odessa as the city of the great Italian architecture: the Opera House, the Philharmonic Hall, the City Council. You get to see magnificent photos that tell history alongside the Potemkin stairs (since 1837) with its 192 steps, take a walk along the ancient streets of Deribasovskaya, Pushkinskaya, Lanzheronovskaya, Rishelyevskaya. Odessa is the moderator of fashion, a city of incredible shopping. You can buy both clothes and accessories of national designers and visit brand shops with affordable prices.

Odessa's Catacombs imageOdessa's Catacombs

Deep dive into Odessa's Catacombs

This excursion can be justly called immersion into a mystery. You may wonder what is there so special that you have not seen yet? There’s only one reply! Everything! The underground bunker of the Cold War era with the 4th degree of protection and 1200 person capacity. The cemetery of petrified animals with an average age of 3.5 million years. The underground lakes with new species of small creatures unknown to modern biology. The chance to try on working in quarries with the 19th-century tools. The real secret hideouts of Moldavanka’s raiders. The permanent dislocation post of the most secret partisan detachment of Odessa, which perished exactly in this area of the catacombs. Believe it or not, but we didn’t list everything.

WARNING! The air temperature in the Odessa catacombs is + 13C at any time of the year, so please get dressed accordingly. Comfortable sport shoes and clothes are strongly advised.

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