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Odessa imageOdessa

Day Schedule

➤Early breakfast

➤Transfer to the train station to board the train to Odessa

➤Arrival at Odessa

➤Transfer to the hotel and check-in

➤Tour at Wine Culture Centre and wine degustation

➤Optional sea boat tour

Tour at Wine Culture Centre imageTour at Wine Culture Centre

Tour at Wine Culture Centre

The presentation of wine culture at Shabo Wine Culture Center is comprehensive and has strong emotional power. The duration of a tour conducted by a highly professional guide (which includes wine tasting) is approximately 2.5 hours. Our tour programs are diverse but equally captivating. Everything here is breathing with history yet inspires with innovation. Every connoisseur of noble beverages visiting Shabo’s marvellous 200-year-old Royal, Sherry and Two-Level Cellars, underground wine storage, and other facilities will receive a unique opportunity to learn about the history of winemaking and see Shabo terroir with his own eyes.

Shabo Wine Culture Center’ includes objects of modern art, majestic architectural complexes, unusual exhibits of landscape design - the only monument to a grapevine in Ukraine, Grapevine Trilogy art ensemble, Shabo Art Center, Dionysus’s Fountain multimedia sculpture, a museum labyrinth, Georgian Marani, two museum film auditoriums,

Alpine hill, Shabo Museum - won’t leave anyone indifferent. And that list of unique features is far from being complete… Shabo winemakers have no secrets from consumers, and therefore, doors to all premises of our company are open before Shabo Wine Culture Center’s visitors: a state-of-the-art grape receipt and processing facility, a huge underground wine storage, elite Shabo wine section, a powerful Shabo brandy and grape vodka production complex, and Shabo Sparkling Wine House. Moreover, all that is right next to Shabo terroir vineyards.

For the convenience of our guests, Shabo has an original store offering the entire range of Shabo products, which includes over 80 brand names of the highest-quality beverages and where you can also buy souvenirs. Next to Shabo Wine Culture Center is Shabo Court, a cosy restaurant where you can wash down any meal with an excellent choice of Shabo’s still and sparkling wines, vermouths, brandies and grape vodkas.

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