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Train ride imageTrain ride

Train ride continues. A long train journey is a fine opportunity to relax and calm down. Read your favorite book, talk to fellow travelers and enjoy unique landscapes. As a rule, a dining car is located in the middle of the train, between 8 and 9 cars. It is better to clarify this point with the conductor when boarding the train. The dining car usually opens at 8 in the morning, and closes around midnight.

Train ride imageTrain ride

Planning your Trans Siberian and Trans Mongolian railway holidays, we use the best Russian trains available. There is 1st class, 2-berth compartments with shower (2 showers per carriage, shared) and 2nd class, 4-berth compartment (no shower).

All passengers get a proper flat berth to sleep in, provided with all necessary bedding, convertible to a seat for day use. There are washrooms and toilets along the corridor.

Trans Siberian imageTrans Siberian

And here is more. The Trans Siberian is the best way to make new friends. Safe ride!

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