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Winter camp in Mongolia imageWinter camp in Mongolia

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➤Check out of the hotel and transfer to the railway station to board the train to Ulaanbaatar

WInter in Mongolia imageWInter in Mongolia

Trans Mongolian train cuts across the Gobi desert and Mongolia and then crosses Siberia. The entire road from Beijing to Moscow makes 7,621 km (4,735 miles) and if you do it non stop you will spend 6 days onboard! On our hop on / hop off train tour, we split this enormous distance into a few legs.

The first leg of your journey will last just about one day.

Beijing - Ulaanbaatar carriages are deluxe soft sleeper (2-berth compartment, 1st class) and soft sleeper (4-berth compartment, 2nd class). Travelling in winter is beautiful and safe. There is something truly special in this endless snow landscapes one cannot find anywhere else on the planet.

Please be ready for quite a long stop at the border between China and Mongolia, as a train changes wheels - a great experience itself!

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