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The ethnographical museum Shushenskoe imageThe ethnographical museum Shushenskoe

Day Schedule

➤Excursion in the ethnographical museum Shushenskoe, once Lenin's Siberian exsile.

➤After lunch, the group continues towards Tuva republic across West Sayan Mountains.

➤Arrival to Tuva.

➤Make a stop at the banks of Yenisei river in the traditional yurt camp.

➤Overnight at the yurt camp Biy-Khem

The ethnographical museum Shushenskoe imageThe ethnographical museum Shushenskoe

The day begins with an excursion in the ethnographical museum Sheshenskoe which will bring you to the real Siberian village of the 19th-20th centuries. The history of the museum is inextricably linked with the name of Vladimir Lenin, who lived in Shushenskoye in exile in 1897-1900. There are numerous highlights here: farmhouses, jail, tavern, about 200 wooden buildings in total. Ancient Siberian traditions are fully preserved in this place. A visit to a real tavern is not just a lunch, as you will see lots of local handicrafts here.

In 1895 Vladimir Lenin was arrested, held for over a year and then exiled for three years to Shushenskoe, where he started to write some of his books and was working on his revolutionary ideas.

Tuva yurts imageTuva yurts

After lunch, we drive across West Sayan Mountains. You will see the host of this territory – “Sleeping Sayan warrior” if you look attentively at the contours of the mountain. The legend has is one day the Khakassian warrior Sayan fell asleep here and never woke up again. He can be seen now lying on the back with folded arms.

Arrival to Tuva. It’s amazing but as soon as the bus crosses the border between Krasnoyarsk region and comes to Tuva even the scenery changes; steppes and sharp mountains last for hundreds of kilometers with no cell phone coverage.

Tuvan tea ceremony imageTuvan tea ceremony

Our traditional yurt camp is set on the banks of Yenisey River. Today, experience the Tuvan tea ceremony considered to be able to facilitate any business, build stronger personal relations, heal deceases and make a travel troubles-free. During the ceremony, you will hear a story about cooking national Tuvan tea with milk and salt and learn about the history of tea traditions in Tuva. You’ll get a taste of the rich ancient culture, feel the wonderful land of steppes and open spaces of Tuva.

Accommodation at the yurt camp Biy-Khem.

Breakfast in guesthouses, lunch picnic, dinner at the yurt camp.

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