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The biggest monument of Lenin, Ulan-Ude imageThe biggest monument of Lenin, Ulan-Ude

Day Schedule

➤Breakfast on board

➤Arriving to Ulan-Ude

➤Ethnic and cultural diversity of this area offers a unique understanding of its heritage of the world’s religions. Visit a local Datsan

➤You will be welcomed in a Buryat yurt: excursion includes a traditional Buryat folklore program. Hospitable Buryats will teach you how to cook the traditional Buryat dish pozy, how to play dice, use a bow, wear a traditional Buryat costume, assemble and disassemble a felt yurt

➤Sightseeing tour of this unique city, a convenient location in both strategic and economics ways on the cross-roads of Russia with China and Mongolia

➤Depart Ulan-Ude

➤Dinner on board

Flags in Ivolginsky Datsan imageFlags in Ivolginsky Datsan

Treasures of culture at the Ivolginsky datsan

Unique samples of old Buryat art, as thangkas, sculptures, ritual objects are gathered and preserved at the Ivolginsky datsan. Among the monastery's treasures, there is a collection of old Buddhist manuscripts written in the Tibetan language on natural silk, and a greenhouse with a sacred Bodhi tree.

As a cultural and religious monument, the Datsan is protected by the State. The Datsan Centre consists of such temples as Sockshin-Dugan, Maidrin-sume, Devazhin and Sakhiusan-sume. There are also a library, a hotel, the Choyra (Faculty of Philosophy), Dashi Choinhorlin (building of the Buddhist University), Museum of Buryat Art, suburgans (stupas), some infrastructure buildings and lamas' houses.

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