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Time to enjoy the winter countryside! On our way to Mandrogi village we will travel by Ladoga Lake and entertain kids with endless stories of the past: ancient Russian trade patterns from North to South, from Asia to Europe, about "bigwatermen", and Russia's oldest capital role during the greatest wars.

Incredibly beautiful traditional Russian village is a place where the past meets the present. You will walk the streets of this beautiful wooden village, go inside old wooden houses, visit the real estate of a Russian noble family.


We shall also see ancient Russian folk crafts: potters, birchbark goods makers, wooden carvings, lace makers and painters on wood. Some of them earned the world’s recognition and are absolutely unique. Your kids can prove themselves in a real smithy and make great souvenirs!

And then…the Fairy Tale Time! We shall visit the mysterious “Lukomorye” where all the famous Russian tales’ characters live.

Lunch in a local “tractir” – a tavern. Frozen travellers are welcome to get a shot of vodka in the Museum of Vodka. Return to St. Petersburg late night.

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