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Maslennitsa in Yaroslavl imageMaslennitsa in Yaroslavl

The legend has it that the future Grand Prince of Kiev Yaroslav Vladimirovich, being at that time the Prince of Rostov the Great, was inspecting his lands bakc in 1010 and met an unknown pagan tribe in the place where the Volga River and its tributary the Kotorosl River flow into each other. The locals were hostile towards the prince and set a ferocious she-bear on him. Yet the prince had no fear and killed the beast with a pole-axe. The pagans submitted themselves to the prince’s control and he decided to found a city with a fortress on this site in order for freight boats to sail freely across the Volga River and trades and crafts to be developed here.

Yaroslavl was the first Christian city on the Volga River. Apparently, there are plenty of decent cathedrals and churches here to visit, however we feel it's berter to skip and instead, visit the Residence of Maslenitsa. What is, or who is Maslenitsa? Sign up to our tour to find out!

Rostov the Great imageRostov the Great

After lunch, transfer to Rostov the Great, which has been known since the 9th century. It is famous for the 17th century Kremlin with numerous churches and gorgeous views from the Kremlin walls. (Unlike in Moscow Kremlin, here you might walk along the fortified wall). Tour of Rostov Kremlin and exhibition of Finift (Rostov painted enamel).

Transfer to Moscow is a bit of enigma and depends of a traffic jam. We shall arrive to your hotel in Moscow somewhen between 10:00 pm and 01:00 am.

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