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Hoverboat across Baikal

Hivus boat imageHivus boat

Day Schedule


➤Transfer to Olkhon by a hover boat boat (13 March departure only) exploring ice grottoes, caves, bays and other natural wonders

➤Arrive Khuzir and check in

➤Evening at Cape Burkhan

Ice Bubbles imageIce Bubbles

Transfer to Olkhon Island by special hovercraft will take 6-7 hours. We will pass famous Peschanaya bay and visit white marble rock Sagan-Zaba, famous for rock painting (2nd millennium BC) . Hovercraft boat is the best way to experience Winter Ice of Lake Baikal. It is safe and secure.

Walking trees imageWalking trees

You will see the largest walking trees on Lake Baikal, which seem to have grown legs 2-3 meters long! And, of course, there will also be transparent ice floes and frozen bubbles. Then, roll it over the natural rink hundreds of kilometers in length.

Ice grottoes imageIce grottoes

Explore the Khuzir settlement, making photos of ice caves and grottoes.

Ice "toros" at Baikal imageIce "toros" at Baikal

Ice "toros" can last for a hundred meters.

Sarge imageSarge

Check in on our cozy hotel and take a tour to Shamanka Rock (Cape Burkhan), where the Baikal ruler lives according to local beliefs. Sarge are ritual wooden pillars of Buryat and Yakut people. They symbolize the "tree of life," the roots in the lower worlds of demons and branches in the heavens where the Noyons live. Sarge are bound with multicolored patches of fabrics.

It is believed that when the wind shakes the ribbon with the prayers written on it, the one who hung it sends his prayers to heaven, even if he is busy with other things at that time. When coming to Olkhon, you must definitely bring offerings to the spirits of the area: sprinkle milk or any white food on the pole of the serge, feed the spirits.

Ancient shamanic traditions tell of 13 northern Noyons - the sons of the divine Tengrii, who descended from heaven to judge people and chose various places of residence. The eldest and strongest of them, Khan Hute-baabai, chose the cave on Cape Burhan of Olkhon Island as its habitat. In honor of 13 brothers, 13 pillars of serge were installed on the island.

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