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Ascend to highest observation point imageAscend to highest observation point

Day Schedule


➤Baikal Museum of Limnology & Shaman Rock

➤Chersky Stone observation point & cable car

➤St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church

➤Visit local souvenir market

➤In the evening, enjoy Lake Baikal boat cruise

➤Optional Russian banya

Lake Baikal Cruise imageLake Baikal Cruise

Lake Baikal cruise is one of the most exciting trips. It is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the main attractions of Baikal. During the cruise, you will enjoy the vastness of the lake and magnificent landscapes, feel the power and energy of the Siberian land.

Lake Baikal imageLake Baikal

Visit Baikal Museum, Shaman Rock, St. Nicholas church and a Fish Market. Baikal Museum is a splendid museum where information about lake Baikal wildlife is kept, studied and exhibited: including the origins of the lake, the endemic flora and fauna from the surface of the lake to its maximum depth, an excellent model of the lake, etc. Shaman Rock is a natural boundary between the deepest lake in the world and the only river that flows out of the lake—the Angara river. Apparently, locals have thousands of legends about this place, which is believed to be the house of one of the Buryat gods.

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