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Monastery Sevanavank imageMonastery Sevanavank

Day Schedule


➤Drive to Lake Sevan

➤Visit medieval Monastery Sevanavank on the peninsula

➤Arrival in Dilijan town

➤Short city tour: the Sharambeyan Street

➤Continue to Fioletovo village

➤Pambak village

➤Drive to our hotel in Stepanavan

➤Dinner and overnight at the hotel

Monastery Sevanavank imageMonastery Sevanavank

Best of Armenia Tour

Drive to Lake Sevan. Visit medieval Monastery Sevanavank on the peninsula, once a strategic shelter for Armenian Kings. High up at the monastery you will enjoy the scenery of the waters bowled in high mountain chains. Continue to explore the north of the country, priding for its lash green and fresh air. We arrive in Dilijan town, one of the popular resorts in Armenia. The resort is often referred to as the "Little Switzerland" of Armenia. Have a short city tour, visit Sharambeyan Street in the centre, which is known as an “old town. The street is complete with artisan workshops where you can explore the secrets of handicrafts. Continue to Fioletovo village mainly inhabited by Russian sect, Molokans (translated as “milk drinkers”). Our host will treat us with Russian pancakes and homemade tea from Russian 'samovar' and share stories from their daily life in a warm and friendly atmosphere. We can ask questions to our host only to discover a lot of secrets about their unique culture and traditions. Continue to Pambak village where we participate in an interactive ''Folk Theatre Tonatsuyts''. The goal of the theatre is the presentation and registration of ancient Armenian songs, dances, games, puppets, legends and instrumental music. Drive to our hotel in Stepanavan, in one of the most beautiful settings surrounded by nature beauty and thick forests. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

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