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➤Walking photography tour in the area. Guaranteed walruses and polar bears. Maximum distance to bears: 1 km.

Transportation in Chukotka

Chukotka is mostly roadless and air travel is the main mode of passenger transport. There are local permanent roads between some settlements, for example, Egvekinot-Iultin (200 km). When cold enough, winter roads are constructed on the frozen rivers to connect regional settlements in a uniform network. The Anadyr Highway is under construction to link Chukotka to Magadan and to connect the settlements of Anadyr, Bilibino, Komsomolsky and Egvekinot within Chukotka. In 2009, replacement of the emergency bridge through Loren River on the busy local road from Lavrentiya to Lorino (40 km) became the main event in transport in Chukotka. The main airport is Ugolny Airport near Anadyr. Coastal shipping also takes place, but ice prevents this for at least half the year.

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