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Irkutsk imageIrkutsk

Day Schedule

➤ Arrive Irkutsk

➤ Meet & greet at the train station

➤ Transfer to Listvyanka village

➤ Buryat lunch

➤ Check-in at the hotel

➤ Afternoon at leisure

* please note we might change the consequences of the tours based on revised trains schedule

Enjoy Siberia at its best imageEnjoy Siberia at its best

For many, Siberia is still mysterious, uncharted, and therefore frightening land. Oddly enough, to this day there are many notables about Siberia, and these lands are associated with fierce frosts, oil and a Russian man in an ear hat only. In fact, Siberian territories are not only tundra and taiga, but also large cities with a million population, modern enterprises, many attractions and very friendly and responsive people who love this harsh region with all their hearts. We will have Buryat lunch todays to try your first real Siberian meals.

Baikal imageBaikal

Based on various sources, you can hear several versions from where the name "Siberia" came from. Some suggest that the term "Siberia" came from the Mongolian word "Shibir," which in Russian means "forest bowl." Genghis Khan could give such a name when he conquered the border part of the taiga with the forest-steppe. There is also a version that the name came from a consonant name that inhabited the forest-steppe Priirtyshye tribes in ancient times - "Sabirov" or "Sipyr." The most common version is considered that the name "Siberia" is closely related to the term "north."

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