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Winter at Kamchatka imageWinter at Kamchatka

We use specially prepared vans to travl through Kamchatka's winter.

Local village imageLocal village

In the afternoon, we travel to the local settlement of Itelmen people, to the real one, not a sort of tourist attraction! Everything you see today is not a performance, but a way of life which is still preserved here, at the Far East of Asia, at a volcano’s base. You will be carried through an ancient "purification" ceremony by the Chief, then you will learn about the Itelmens way of life, traditions, legends, and enjoy national dances and songs.

Locals imageLocals

And there is more, if you are interested in mystical aspects of old cultures, you will be able to see an ancient ceremony of shamans, such as "circulation on coals" and walk to the ancient Valley of Spirits. Traditional Itelmen dinner will be served: fish soup, meat, herbal teas and cowberry pies. Real Middle Ages in a Kamchatka way!

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