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CHRISTMAS EDITION: TRANS MONGOLIAN FROM BEIJING TO ST PETERSBURGTheme: The Snow EmpireCities: Beijing Mongolia Lake Baikal Ekaterinburg Kazan Nizhny Novgorod Moscow St Petersburg Duration: 25 daysRate: from 5850 USD per person

The good thing about hop on/hop off Trans Siberian/Mongolian Railway holidays is that it operates year round. Once you check out from your train at any city for a sightseeing tour, you overnight in a hotel and catch the next train in a day or two. This itinerary is set for those willing to dig deeper into local life and discover secret spots of great cultural and historical heritage. Christmas edition is a very special one: Chistmas in China, New Year at Lake Baikal and Russian Christmas in Kazan! Epic and world-famous, the Trans Mongolian railway holiday is the ultimate adventure. At the same time, it is secure and reliable way to discover 2 continents and 3 amazing countries at once. We customize tours on request.

TRANS MONGOLIAN WINTER EXPRESSTheme: The Snow EmpireCities: Beijing Mongolia Lake Baikal Kazan Moscow Duration: 15 daysRate: from 2833 USD per person

For those looking for a more adventurous Christmas and New Year vacation, our Trans Mongolian Winter Express is a great option to discover China, Mongolia and Russia at once. In just 15 days, you will travel from Beijing to Moscow- and don't forget, it works the other way too (on request)! All our tours include accommodation when in the cities, train tickets, transfers, guided sightseeing tours. Discovery Russia's friendly and experienced guides will be with you at every location. This is hop on/hop off train tour. We customize tours on request.

WHITE CHRISTMAS IN RUSSIATheme: The Snow EmpireCities: St Petersburg Veliky Novgorod Moscow Duration: 8 daysRate: from 1748 USD per person

Winter is a very special time to Russia and its people. You will see one of the most beautiful cities in the world covered with snow and ice, feels like you’re stepping into a famous Russian novel! See how the locals deal with cold and snow and participate! Open-air skating, snowball play in the parks, tobogganing down hills, walking along the frozen river banks of the Neva. Experience the winter in one of the Snow Empire’s two capitals, majestic St Petersburg, then travel to vibrant Moscow, the city worth seeing any time of the year!

WINTER IN RUSSIA, 2018/2019Theme: The Snow EmpireGrade: EasyDuration: 13 daysRate: from 2628 USD per person

Winter is a very special time to Russia and its people. You will see a good part of the world's largest country covered with snow and ice - it feels like stepping into a famous Russian novel. You will experience the winter in both of the Snow Empire’s two capitals, the magnificent Imperial City of St. Petersburg and vibrant Moscow, you will travel back in times to Russia's oldest town of Veliky Novgorod, and explore all the highlighst of the famous Golden Ring towns!

Winter Ice of Lake BaikalTheme: The Snow EmpireGrade: ModerateDuration: 7 daysTour Type: Group TourRate: from 2170 USD per person

Winter is a fairy tale time for Lake Baikal. The ice of the frozen Lake Baikal is unique and absolutely see-through and when you are walking on it you can see a few metres down. From February Lake Baikal becomes the largest ice-skating ring in the world. Winter is the right time to feel the power of world's largest and deepest freshwater lake, time when it's unrivaled beauty is most amazing. Meet real Siberian winter, explore indigenous cultures and enjoy true Siberian hospitality.

Winter Arctic specials: SvalbardTheme: The Snow EmpireGrade: ModerateDuration: 6 daysRate: from 2342 USD per person

Remote, mysterious, grandiose, wild and extreme, Spitsbergen is a land forged by ice, wind and sea. Gigantic glaciers descend from the summits of majestic multi-colored mountains in the cold waters of austere Greenland sea, abundant with ice. Animals who do not know humans, inhabit this land and its numerous fjords: wild reindeer grazing in endless tundra, seals and walruses basking on the rocky shores and ice floes, curious polar fox keeping close to bird colonies, and the whole world is reigned by the polar bear, the king of the Arctic. This trip gives an insight to Svalbard in winter: in only 5 days, you travel across the island and visit all stunning highlights of Spitzbergen nature, you learn about the famous explorers of the Arctic whose names are linked to Svalbard forever, and meet the locals, people of different nationalities who chose to live here because they love the Arctic.

Russian Heli Ski, Kamchatka PeninsulaTheme: The Snow EmpireGrade: DifficultDuration: 8 daysRate: from 5967 USD per person

In Kamchatka you can ski on a real, active volcano with guaranteed snow coverage! With an off-piste skiing area the size of Switzerland, over 15 000 sq kilometers, picturesque fjords of the ocean coast line, glaciers at volcano tops and energising hot springs, Kamchatka is a destination like no other. The experience will be incomparable, and the freedom is yours to discover pristine slopes covered with fresh snow, while you ski down the valley from a volcano top. And there are no lines or waiting time when we use a famous MI-8 helicopter!

Russian North: Legends of PomoryTheme: The Snow EmpireGrade: EasyDuration: 5 daysRate: from 962 USD per person

Although “Russian North” as a name is more about culture and history than geography, it also describes a huge area spreading from the Russia-Finland border in the east to the Ural Mountains in the west. The area's population is mostly of Russian-Finnish origin and now represents an ethnic group called “Pomory”; or, “the sea people”. For centuries the Northern Seaway was the only path that connected ancient Russia with Europe. Once Russia established routes to the Baltic and Black seas, the importance of the Pomory region dwindled and with the passing of time, the entire area became the preserve of old and diminishing Russian cultures. The Soviet period added more drama to the history of the Pomory region, as many gulag prisons were located here.

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