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KAMCHATKA TREKKING TOLBACHIKTheme: SportsPrivate tour: 23 Aug 2017 - 31 Dec 2019Group tours: 12 Jul 2018 - 23 Jul 201801 Jul 2019 - 15 Sep 2019Grade: ChallengingMind the daily trekking distances and carry-on bags. Previous trekking/hiking/camping experience is highly desirable. In case of medical emergency, evacuation options are limited by helicopters only.Duration: 11 daysTour Type: Group TourRate: from 0 USD per person

Tolbachik ring of Kluchevsky mountains and volcanoes, moon landscapes, lava fields, mountainous tundra with flowers and berries, glaciers, mountain rivers and canyons, hot springs and the Pacific.

Heli Ski, Kamchatka PeninsulaTheme: SportsPrivate tour: 12 Mar 2019 - 15 May 2019Grade: DifficultSerious off piste experience is highly recommended. Every participant signs compulsory Letter of Indemnity. Comprehensive ski insurance with heli evacuation is a must.Duration: 8 daysRate: from 5967 USD per person

In Kamchatka you can ski on a real, active volcano with guaranteed snow coverage! With an off-piste skiing area the size of Switzerland, over 15 000 sq kilometers, picturesque fjords of the ocean coast line, glaciers at volcano tops and energising hot springs, Kamchatka is a destination like no other. The experience will be incomparable, and the freedom is yours to discover pristine slopes covered with fresh snow, while you ski down the valley from a volcano top. And there are no lines or waiting time when we use a famous MI-8 helicopter!

Back to basics: F1 Weekend in RussiaTheme: SportsPrivate tour: 27 Sep 2018 - 01 Oct 2018Grade: EasyTour suitable for any age and level of fitness.Duration: 5 daysRate: from 0 USD per person

Sochi Autodrom is the most modern circuit in Eastern Europe, the only circuit in Russia hosting a Formula 1 Grand Prix. The venue has been designed by Russian experts in conjunction with Tilke Gmbh & Co., the head of which – Hermann Tilke – has designed most of the modern F1 tracks. The location of Sochi Autodrom makes it special - the circuit is located in the Olympic Park, which hosted the Olympic Winter Games in 2014. The most interesting part of the track is its long turn 3 - 650-metre turn is the longest one in the Formula 1 calendar, and the negative incline of the surface is a difficult challenge for the drivers.​​

Northern Urals Heli Fishing and Rafting TourTheme: SportsPrivate tour: 01 Jul 2017 - 31 Oct 2019Grade: Comfortable extremeDuration: 11 daysRate: from 0 USD per person

This is not a fishing only. This is a Russian Trophy Fishing Expedition! Catamaran rafting, fishing and active travel across the Northern Urals, mountains which sepater Europe from Aisa.

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