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Timeless Journey Moscow - St Petersburg cruise or reverseTour Type: Small group Season: May - OctoberDuration: 8 daysGrade: EasyThis tour fits any age and fitness levelRate: from $2,032 USD per person
Luxury River Cruise: Moscow to St. PetersburgTour Type: Small group Season: May - OctoberCities: Moscow Uglich Plyos Yaroslavl Goritsy Kizhi St. Petersburg Duration: 12 daysGrade: EasyThis tour fits any age and fitness levelRate: from $4,122 USD per person
Volga Dream Cruise: Moscow to St Petersburg or reverseTour Type: Small group Season: June - SeptemberCities: Moscow Uglich Yaroslavl Goritsy Kizhi Svirstroy St. Petersburg Duration: 7 daysGrade: EasyThis tour fits any age and fitness levelRate: from $2,090 USD per person
The Commander Islands Wildlife Photography TourTour Type: Small group Season: July - SeptemberDuration: 11 daysGrade: ChallengingMind the daily trekking distances and carry-on bags. Previous trekking/hiking/camping experience is highly desirable. In case of medical emergency, evacuation options are limited by helicopters only.Rate: from $4,354 USD per person

Cruise is the best way to see the most significant highlights of the itinerary if you prefer not to stay in every destination of your journey for a while. Discovery Russia offers both traditional river cruises and challenging trips on the Russian North.

You can choose the most attractive itinerary. Join a journey to Wrangel Island and catch many glimpses of Polar Bears that breed here. Or cruise towards ancient towns of Russia and enjoy lots of things happening onboard: Russian national crafts show, the lesson of Russian language, games, bingo and even a lecture on Russian history! Our city tours include many Kremlins, churches and cathedrals. Walk the streets of beautiful villages, go inside old wooden houses, visit the estate of a Russian noble family.

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