Cruises from Moscow to St Petersburg

The Commander Islands Wildlife Photography TourTheme: WILDLIFE & NATURE, CRUISESTour Type: Small group Season: July - SeptemberGroup tour dates: 15 Aug 2018 - 26 Aug 201815 Aug 2019 - 26 Aug 2019Grade: ChallengingMind the daily trekking distances and carry-on bags. Previous trekking/hiking/camping experience is highly desirable. In case of medical emergency, evacuation options are limited by helicopters only.Duration: 11 daysTour Type: Group TourRate: from US$ 4,354 per person

The Commander Islands are the westernmost extension of the Aleutian Islands, most of which form part of the US state of Alaska, though they are separated from the closest US island, Attu Island, and the rest of the chain by a distance of 333 kilometres (207 mi). This route will take us to the Nature Reserve of Commander Islands—islands Bering and Medny. We will use a sailing yacht to reach these unique destinations, which are remote, even by Russian standards!

We will start with Moscow touring, and visits to all the city highlights.L Kremlin, Red Square, Cathedral Of Christ The Savior, Tverskaya street and more.

While we’re cruising towards ancient town of Russia, there are lots of things happening onboard: Russian national crafts show, lesson of Russian language, games, bingo and even a lecture on Russian history! Our city tours will include many Kremlins, churches and cathedrals.

Time to enjoy the summer Russian countryside when visiting incredibly beautiful traditional Russian villages where the past meets the present. You will walk the streets of this beautiful villages, go inside old wooden houses, visit the estate of a Russian noble family. We will witness ancient Russian folk craftspeople at work: potters, birchbark goods makers, wood carvers, lace makers and painters on wood. Some of these crafts have earned the world’s recognition as absolutely unique. Your kids can prove themselves in a real smithy and make a great souvenir!

Kizhi Island is a remote yet well-travelled destination thanks to its absolutely amazing, fantastically well preserved examples of wooded architecture. Kizhi Island is located at pristine and beautiful place, hundreds of picturesque islands and gulfs surround this mystical place. Twisting coastlines, rocks with pine trees at the tops, multi-colored meadows framed by deep blue waters of Onega Lake – all this makes Kizhi Island more than just the largest in Russia open-air museum of wooden architecture. It is also one of the most beautiful places of the Russian North where time is frozen and where that enigmatic something called "the Russian soul" is most felt.

We arrive to the splendid northern capital of Russia right after breakfast to allow you plenty of time in the city today. Bus city tour includes St Basil island, The Building of Exchange, Winter palace, main street Nevsky avenue, St. Isaac cathedral, cathedral of Savior on the Spilt Blood), Peter and Paul fortress and more.
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