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Highlights of UkraineTour Type: Private Season: All year roundCities: Kiev Odessa Lviv Duration: 7 daysGrade: EasyTour suitable for any age and level of fitness.Rate: from $2,619 USD per person
Slavic Drift: Russia & UkraineTour Type: Private Season: All year roundCities: Moscow Kazan St. Petersburg Kiev Odessa Lviv Duration: 16 daysGrade: EasyTour suitable for any age and level of fitness.Rate: from $5,824 USD per person
You will hardly find another country in Europe, which had more dramatic XXth century than Ukraine.  First, the WW1, the  Revolution. and brutal Civil war Then, tragic years under the Communists ruling when millions died of the hanger. On top of that, terrific Nazi invasion and WWII, the bloodiest war in the humans' history, which left not a single home unaffected and a single-family untouched in Ukraine. The entire country was occupied by Germans and then won back over by the Soviet Army. Costly and long restorations followed afterwords. At the end of USST existence, the Chernobyl catastrophe, the largest technological disaster in human's history happened. Thanks to brave Ukrainian people, Europe was saved from much worse consequences of a nuclear explosion. It is no surprise that tor almost 30 years passed since the USSR fall, Ukraine has already gone through a few revolutions and still fighing to build the competitive state.  Tour to Ukraine will introduce you to with lovely and beautiful land, and its greater treasure, people, who put freedom and others live above anything else and do not hesitate to fight for it.  Travel to Ukraine to discover ancient history and traditions, taste delicious cuisine, explore traces of the Soviet legacy and learn how Ukraine is transforming into a modern European state.
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