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Battlefields of Glory. Stalingrad.Theme: HeritagePrivate tour: All year roundGrade: EasyTour suitable for any age and level of fitness.Duration: 6 daysRate: from US$ 1258 per person

Russia played a major role in defeating the Nazis during WWII. You won’t find a family in Russia that wasn’t affected by humanity's greatest war. The Battle of Moscow, the Siege of Leningrad, the Battle of Stalingrad—the bloodiest in history—-...the echoes of all the grand battles are here, in Russia, where Hitler was first stopped and then defeated. But at a heavy cost; over thirty million lives were lost. Now, seventy years later, we can follow the famous paths, and imagine how it felt here when hell was unleashed on ordinary people. Now we can pay our tribute and honor those who fell.

The Battle of Stalingrad (23 August 1942—2 February 1943) finally stopped the Nazi Army on its way to the East. Here, at the banks of the river Volga, the German advance was finally halted. The Battle of Stalingrad is one the world’s largest (2.2 million fought on both sides) and deadliest battles. Though exact figures are unknown, about 1.7-2 million were killed or wounded, or disappeared.

We make a visit to the memorial complex "To the Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad" at Mamayev Hill, Height 102, including a visit to all the main sights: the Motherland Calls monument, the Square of Fallen Fighters, the Alley of the Heroes of Stalingrad and WW2, the Eternal Flame, the tree that survived the battle and preserved buildings from the damages of battle. The Central River port and the place of the Volga Crossing, strategic strong points, the Army’s line of defence, Stalingrad’s front in the city, and numerous other war and battle memorials, including the final headquarters of the 6th German Army; a place where General Field Marshall Friedrich Paulus surrendered.

We will reach out such places as Kalach-on-Don, the city of military glory located 80 km from Volgograd, where the Soviet army encircled the German troops in late November 1942. This was the biggest event of this kind during the War. We will walk on battlefields outside the city and proceed to Don Heights near the memorial tank of Josef Stalin (120 km one way. Bad roads.)

We will visit Golubinskiy stanitsa—the location the encirclement of the 6th Army and Friedrich Paulus’s headquarters. After Kalach we visit the southern side of the ‘Chir River’ which played its own important role. There are many other locations spotted during this military tour to the battlefilds of WWII' s greatest battle.
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