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Moscow tours and tailor-made holidays

Discover Russia: St. Petersburg and MoscowTheme: HeritageGrade: EasyDuration: 11 daysRate: from 1472 USD per person

Two cities as rich in history, with all the museums and activities available, and so beautiful that one is called the Venice of the North and the other is Simply Moscow—that’s a great tour to partake! Travel with Discovery Russia to explore all the splendors of these imperial capitals, to see the world-famous highlights of both cities, vibrant Moscow and romantic St. Petersburg, and check out the hidden jems.

One Week, Two Capitals: St. Petersburg and MoscowTheme: HeritageCities: St Petersburg Moscow Duration: 7 daysRate: from 1076 USD per person

One week in Moscow and St. Petersburg is a pure delight for every time conscience traveler! In just a week, you will visit all the top highlights of Russia's most acclaimed cities. We endeavour to show you the real Russia in the safe, secure and reliable way. Numerious extra Signature options are available to enlighten your stay in Russia. We customize tours on request please talk to your Discovery Russia Travel Expert now - click CHAT ONLINE on the left, there is an agent eager to share travel ideas! Tour details:

WHITE CHRISTMAS IN RUSSIATheme: The Snow EmpireCities: St Petersburg Veliky Novgorod St Petersburg Moscow Duration: 8 daysRate: from 1748 USD per person

Winter is a very special time to Russia and its people. You will see one of the most beautiful cities in the world covered with snow and ice, feels like you’re stepping into a famous Russian novel! See how the locals deal with cold and snow and participate! Open-air skating, snowball play in the parks, tobogganing down hills, walking along the frozen river banks of the Neva. Experience the winter in one of the Snow Empire’s two capitals, majestic St Petersburg, then travel to vibrant Moscow, the city worth seeing any time of the year!

WINTER IN RUSSIA, 2018/2019Theme: The Snow EmpireGrade: EasyDuration: 13 daysRate: from 2628 USD per person

Winter is a very special time to Russia and its people. You will see a good part of the world's largest country covered with snow and ice - it feels like stepping into a famous Russian novel. You will experience the winter in both of hte Snow Empire’s two capitals, the magnificent Imperial City of St. Petersburg and vibrant Moscow, you will travel back in times to Russia's oldest town of Veliky Novgorod, and explore all the highlighst of the famous Golden Ring towns!

Grand Russia UNESCO Tour: Moscow, St Petersburg, Veliky Novgorod, Kazan and the Golden RingTheme: HeritageGrade: ModerateDuration: 13 daysRate: from 2668 USD per person

This tours has been specially designed for those interested in rich Russian history and culture, it covers all Russia's UNESCO World Heritage sites in one amazing journey across the country. Explore the designated cultural sites from Moscow's Kremlin and Red Square, to Kazan's Historic and Architectural Complex of the Kazan Kremlin, not to mention Saint Petersburg. Get an insight of Russia's unique UNESCO Sites like the Trinity Sergius Lavra in Sergiev Posad, the Bolgar Historical and Archaeological Complex, medieval monuments of Veliky Novgorod, iconic cathedrals and landmarks of ancient towns Vladimir, Suzdal and Kostoma. Experience the real Russia!

Hello, Moscow!Theme: HeritageGrade: EasyDuration: 8 daysRate: from 1404 USD per person

In just a week you’ll explore every side of Moscow: history, art, cuisine, culture and nightlife. Majestic Red Square and ancient St Basil’s Cathedral; the Bolshoi Theatre and the picturesque, panoramic views of the Moscow Kremlin; top museums; check out our suggested itinerary or talk to Discovery Russia travel expert now to tailor your trip to a fascinating capital of Russia.

Focus on Culture, Moscow to IrkutskTheme: Cruises & RailsGrade: EasyDuration: 15 daysRate: from 3589 USD per person

The good thing about Trans Siberian Railway holidays is that it operates year round. Russian winter is as beautiful - and safe - time to travel as summer is, and autumn in Siberia is a as beautiful as spring at Volga river area can be. Once you check out from your train at any city for a sightseeing tour, you overnight in a hotel and catch the next train in a day or two - depending on your personal time table. This itinerary is set for those willing to dig deep into local life and discover secret spots of great cultural and historical heritage.

MOSCOW & SOCHI GRAND PRIX FORMULA 1Theme: EventsCities: Moscow Sochi Duration: 7 daysRate: from 1022 USD per person

There is so much to explore in one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe: history, art, cuisine, culture and nightlife! Majestic Red Square and ancient St Basil’s Cathedral; the Bolshoi Theatre and the picturesque, panoramic views of the Moscow Kremlin; top museums. Then we take you to the Russian Riviera to visit Formula 1 Grand Prix in Sochi.

FORMULA 1, GRAND PRIX RUSSIA, MOSCOW & ST PETERSBURGTheme: EventsCities: Moscow St Petersburg Sochi Duration: 10 daysRate: from 2080 USD per person

Sochi has established itself as one of the country's top sporting destinations. It hosted Winter Olympics 2014. It hosted FIFA World Cup 2018. Since 2014, it is a home for Formula 1 Grand Prix Russia. Welcome to the subtropical Russian seaside resort, enjoy the race! Besides, a trip to F1 Russia is a great chance to explore Moscow and St Petersburg, Russia's must-see cities!

What does a tour to Moscow include? Literally, it can be anything. Explore the treasures of Moscow Kremlin, discover Russian art collection of The Tretyakov State Art Gallery, stroll down Arbat street, try pancakes with caviar and attend a ballet in the Bolshoi!

We aim to suit your interests and offer the best of Russia's vibrant capital when you book a Moscow tour with Discovery Russia. If you wish to add or cut the days off the suggested itineraries, amend selection of tours or activities, please contact your Destination Expert now to customize your travel to Moscow.

“Kremlin” is not actually a specific place name, but means “fortress”. The most well-known kremlin is of course the one in Moscow, at Red Square. And Red Square is not actually Red because of the red bricks, but because "red" in the old Russian language meant "beautiful". And "Kremlin" meant a castle. So…there are many kremlins in Russia and in Moscow alone we will show you a few!

A must see in Russia, St Basil's Cathedral is a construction of outstanding beauty. The Tretyakov State Art Gallery, one of the two largest collections of Russian art. The other (we are not talking about sizes!) is the Russian Museum in St. Petersburg. This alone worth travel to Moscow!

A remarkable feature of Stalin's era are the so-called "Stalin's skyscrapers", each built in different areas of the city, following common principles of design, but all very different from each other. One of them is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, another is a hotel, a third the Moscow State University, etc! Every building has its own story—and its own famous residents.

A 10-minute metro ride from the city centre will take you to Kolomenskoe Museum-Reserve, where you can get an idea of what Medieval Moscow looked like. Here you’ll find the oldest garden in Moscow and a favourite estate of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich, father of Peter the Great. The Church of the Ascension was built in 1532 o and is now one of Russia's few UNESCO World Heritage sites. The lit is endless. Call us now to book your perfect trip to Moscow. Tailor-made holidays, group tours, cultural, leisure and adventure travel to Russia.
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