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The Baltic States

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Baltic highlightsTour Type: Small group Season: March - OctoberCities: Vilnius Riga Tallinn Duration: 8 daysGrade: EasyThis tour fits any age and fitness levelRate: from $882 USD per person
Baltic Essentials, Helsinki & Highlights of RussiaTour Type: Small group Season: April - AugustCities: Vilnius Riga Tallinn Helsinki St. Petersburg Moscow Duration: 15 daysGrade: EasyThis tour fits any age and fitness levelRate: from $2,639 USD per person
Baltics & Russia ExplorerTour Type: Small group Season: May - MayCities: Vilnius Riga Tallinn Moscow Sergiev Posad Alexandrov Vladimir & Bogolyubovo Yaroslavl Suzdal Moscow St. Petersburg Duration: 19 daysGrade: EasyThis tour fits any age and fitness levelRate: from $3,210 USD per person

Baltic States and Russia Tours and Packages

Escorted Tours to Baltic Highlights

The pocket of countries in Eastern Europe known as the Baltic States offer an intriguing combination of historical monuments and a local community feel. Baltic pride is alive and well in all three Baltic countries; Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Our travel packages to the region will leave you scrambling for more. Then, travel to Russia to complete your journey.

Hidden Gems of the East

The Baltic States remain blissfully undisturbed by the commercialisation and ingenuity appearing in popular tourist destinations. Between endless green fields and lush forest terrain lie communities vibrant with culture and life. Medieval ruins dot the countryside, and the air holds the revitalising tang of salt near the ocean. While the three Baltic nations have distinctly different personalities, the region can be appreciated best when seen as a whole. The Baltics nations are small in size, but big in personality. We've curated the perfect small-group itineraries so you can see each country at its very best. We have three incredible pre-planned journeys through the Baltics and Russia, fully customisable but designed with your best interests at heart. All of our tours include 4-star accommodation, continental breakfast, and tours to some of the best sites in each city. To ensure your comfort throughout your adventure with us, as well as a bilingual tour guide, we offer 24/7 online support – so you can talk to us whenever, wherever.

Three Distinct Flavours

Don't mistake Estonia for its Baltic neighbours; this small but mighty nation has a personality of its own. As it moves further from its Soviet history and strengthens its position as a prime European holiday destination, it won't remain a hidden gem for much longer. Visiting Estonia will acquaint you with some favourite destinations like:

➤ Kadriorg Park, Tallinn: a 70-hectare masterpiece of formal gardens surrounding Kadriorg Palace

➤Kumu, Tallinn: The gallery is a dazzling piece of art in itself, but hosts an extensive collection of Estonian artworks, as well as regular feature pieces.

➤ Lahemaa National Park: the perfect getaway from city life, and a picturesque encampment of what makes Estonia so uniquely beautiful.

Visit Latvia for the food and natural beauty that has a hold over the nation. Latvia's capital, Riga, has a realness to it that many capitals lack; a pace of life involving more life, less haste. The real Latvian advantage lies in the pristine and enormous countryside – there's more to explore than you could ever hope to see.

➤Riga Castle, Riga: Home of the Latvian President and a picture-perfect castle representation.

➤ Jurmala: The seaside destination of choice for vacationing Latvians.

➤ Old Town, Riga: Everything that you want an Old Town to be, in the heart of the Baltic's largest city. Churches, monuments, bespoke stores and more.

If you want a storybook adventure, you'll find it in Lithuania, an idyllic setting and a must-see on your Baltic visit. Visit multiple UNESCO world heritage sites, rolling dunes, pristine beaches and monuments to represent its many personalities throughout history. There's a strong sense of tradition upheld throughout the country, although you'll find much progressive thinking in the capital, Vilnius. · Vilnius: A pebbled old town with a rustic patina, over 65 churches, countless medieval buildings and intimate courtyards dot the picturesque city. · Royal Palace, Vilnius: Named the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, to be precise, this palace was restored to its original majestic glory.

Don't Miss Crafting a Baltic Fairy-tale

Travelling the Baltics and Russia is a magical experience. Visiting the three nations on one tour is an unforgettable adventure through time. But be quick – we have limited positions available for our 2020 Baltic travel packages. Don't miss out!
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