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THE BEST OF SIBERIA: ALTAI AND BAIKALTour Type: group or private Season: All year roundDuration: 14 daysGrade: ModerateConsider some walking (about 2 hours per day).Rate: from US$ 2,419 per person

During this extraordinary journey to very special, unique places you will get to know the beautiful, largest freshwater lake in the world , Baikal, and the mighty Altai Mountains, old Irkutsk town and scientific center of Russia, Novosibirsk. You will ride by the famous Trans-Siberian train, you will see Siberian countryside and you will definitely enjoy the hospitality of Siberian people!

AKTRU VALLEY TREKKINGTour Type: Small group Season: June - AugustDuration: 8 daysGrade: ModerateConsider some walking (about 2 hours per day).Rate: from US$ 883 per person

Southern Altai is a hidden jem of our Siberian collection. Remote and wild, this destination remains undiscovered for international travelers even in comparison to the neighbouring Mongolia. Those who endevour will find themselves in the middle of pristine natural beauty. This drive-n-stay tour is a perfect opportunity to explore the whole Altai and to see its highlights, from pine-hardwood forests growing like a narrow strip along the valley of the Katun river, to Mongolian steppe landscapes of the Kurai crater , from mountain taiga forests to snow-ice deserts of alpine zone.

Swan Lake: A Gentle Introduction To The Wilderness Of SiberiaTour Type: Small group Season: January - FebruaryDuration: 7 daysGrade: ModerateConsider some walking (about 2 hours per day).Rate: from US$ 1,349 per person

Whooper swans wintering in Altai

Altai’s national reserve “Lebediniy” is the best place in Russia for photographing the wintering of the swans. Here, these beautiful birds gather from the very north of Western Siberia. There are plenty of unfrozen lakes and rivers—all due to the abundance of hot springs. Lake “Lebedinoe”, “Swan Lake”, remains unfrozen through the entire winter and this is the place where we will be heading for our expedition.

Siberia is a wonderful place to get acquainted with the truly magnificent wild nature of Russia. This area is enormous (this is the biggest part of Russia). And Altai is the most picturesque and attractive place of Siberia. .

The pearl of Siberia is Altai mountains (Gorny Altai). It is famous for its rapid mountain rivers, running through horizonless valleys, surrounded by rocky peaks and green hills. Here you may find undisturbed forests, where no foot trod and observe the unique plants and animals in their natural habitat. .

The majority of travel destinations in the world are known by similar pictures, taken from the same perspective. If you try to find images of Altai Mountains in search systems, you will find the most beautiful photographs of great diversity of places, because Altai is special. Altai is 260 square kilometres of natural beauty..

Nature of the Altai Mountains are not just diverse, but it is extremely contrasted. Boreal forests are quickly replaced by dry steppes, low hills and mountains changes to snow-capped peaks. Rivers and lakes have colors depending on season. There are not many places in the world with such a contrasted combination of different landscapes in small area..

The Altai Mountains have been listed in the World Heritage of UNESCO under the name «Golden Mountains of Altai». A variety of nature has considerably affected on the culture and religion of the indigenous population of Mountain Altai. Altai has been passed by many peoples: the Scythians, Huns and Turks which had been leaving traces of their cultures. Mountain Altai is called an outdoor museum. Belukha Mountain is the highest peak of Siberia. The two-headed mountain has a height of 4506 meters, and its top is covered with eternal snows. Locals consider it is sacred mistress of the Altai, tourists who have once visited here are eager to return..

Ukok Plateau is unique World Heritage site for its historical and cultural sides. It is a place of excavation of Altai princess (Princess of Ukok), a world-famous mummy founded in 1993. Ukok plateau is important environmental treasure where live many endangered species including snow leopard. Chuya highway is the traffic arterial of the Altai Territory. It is ranked fifth in the list of tenth most beautiful roads in the world. Teletskoe lake is a pearl of Altai Mountains, located in a tectonic fault, a huge reservoir of pure, icy even in summer spring water. Yet it looks like a Norwegian Fjord, abandoned in the heart of Asia. Mountain slopes covered with taiga, impassable windbreak of pine, fir, spruce and cedar fall in clear water of Teletskoe Lake..

Altai Mountains is the country of glaciers. There are 1402 glaciers of total area 910 sq. km on the territory of the Altai Mountains. Most of all is near Belukha Mountain. This part of the Altai Mountains is extremely popular among climbers and hikers.
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