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Altai tours and travels

Altai Golden RingTheme: AdventuresGrade: MediumDuration: 12 daysRate: from 0 USD per person

This tour makes a big circle around the whole Altai region, and is an all-in-one adventure. See the UNESCO World Heritage site of Altai's natural diversity, that you will experience by boat, car and on foot; the beauty of the biggest river of the Altai Mountains—Katun; and the touch of the ancient Altai culture most apparent during original performances by throat singers and local musicians. Visit the middle of Asia, discover the undiscovered!

Aktru Valley TrekTheme: Wildlife & NatureGrade: ModerateDuration: 8 daysRate: from 0 USD per person

Southern Altai is a hidden jem of our Siberian collection. Remote and wild, this destination remains undiscovered for international travelers even in comparison to the neighbouring Mongolia. Those who endevour will find themselves in the middle of pristine natural beauty. This drive-n-stay tour is a perfect opportunity to explore the whole Altai and to see its highlights, from pine-hardwood forests growing like a narrow strip along the valley of the Katun river, to Mongolian steppe landscapes of the Kurai crater , from mountain taiga forests to snow-ice deserts of alpine zone.

Horse-riding tour to the Ukok PlateauTheme: Wildlife & NatureGrade: ChallengingDuration: 15 daysRate: from 0 USD per person

The Ukok Plateau is one of the most beautiful and interesting areas in the mountains of Altai. You will experience the real mystery of Altai and feel its ancient legends. The Ukok Plateau, which is 2,150 m above sea level, is a place where you will find an oasis of unrivalled natural beauty, peace, tranquility and no mobile coverage. And more, there are also unique archaeological sites and horses!

Aquaintance with AltaiTheme: Wildlife & NatureGrade: EasyDuration: 8 daysRate: from 0 USD per person

You will have plenty of opportunities to see and enjoy the extraordinary landscapes: the Teletskoye lake, home of V. M. Shukshin, National Museum. A. V. Anokhin, Karatash, waterfalls Korbu, Silver Spring and other amazing places!

The Best of Siberia: Baikal and AltaiTheme: AdventuresGrade: EasyDuration: 14 daysRate: from 0 USD per person

During this extraordinary journey to very special, unique places you will get to know the beautiful, largest freshwater lake in the world , Baikal, and the mighty Altai Mountains, old Irkutsk town and scientific center of Russia, Novosibirsk. You will ride by the famous Trans-Siberian train, you will see Siberian countryside and you will definitely enjoy the hospitality of Siberian people!

Swan Lake: A Gentle Introduction To The Wilderness Of SiberiaTheme: Wildlife & NatureGrade: ModerateDuration: 7 daysRate: from 0 USD per person

Whooper swans wintering in Altai

Altai’s national reserve “Lebediniy” is the best place in Russia for photographing the wintering of the swans. Here, these beautiful birds gather from the very north of Western Siberia. There are plenty of unfrozen lakes and rivers—all due to the abundance of hot springs. Lake “Lebedinoe”, “Swan Lake”, remains unfrozen through the entire winter and this is the place where we will be heading for our expedition.

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