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Day trip to Gorodets - neat little town, famous for its distinct style of folk art. At the time of the schism in the Russian Orthodox Church (1660), Gorodets became home to a population of Old Believers seeking religious sanctuary. They became skilful craftsmen, artists and wealthy tradesmen.

Local arts imageLocal arts

In a largely illiterate society, Gorodets has gained a reputation of “museum-town’. Its oil-on-wood paintings played the role of glossy magazines about lifestyle and current events. The town’s other speciality is “pryaniki” – hard honey-rich cakes sold everywhere. Here you will visit the History Museum, the Samovar Museum, and local gold embroidery faсtory. Return to Niznhy Novgorod to catch the train 21:25-05:56, Nizhny Novgorod-Kazan.

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